Labor Support Doula
Having a doula, which is a woman specially trained and experienced in assisting women and families through the process of childbirth, is a wonderful tool for any expectant couple. Meredith has been providing support to women and their partners during pregnancy, the birth process, and the postpartum period for eight years. She has assisted with births in a wide variety of settings. Hospitals, birth centers, and homes being the primary locations. She believes that the best place to give birth is where the mother feels the safest and most comfortable. For some people that place is their own home, and for others it's a hospital or birth center. When a family chooses a home delivery with a Midwife, they are assured that the caregiving team will not only provide for the health care needs of the mom and baby, but that they will also be emotionally and physically supported. They know all the necessary information will be presented to them and decisions will be made as a team, with all the participants working together for the good of the mother and baby unit. This is what Meredith believes is the most empowering kind of care one can receive. Her work as a doula is founded on the principle that all families deserve to be empowered in their pregnancy, birth, and parenting. She provides all couples with two meeting before the birth. These meetings can be used in a variety of ways; answering questions, learning about the labor and birth process, writing a birth plan, discussing different options, and just getting to know each other. Meredith is always available by phone to answer questions and provide ongoing support. When labor begins, she can come to the client's home to provide assistance in early labor if desired, or meet the couple at the hospital. She remains with the family throughout labor and delivery, providing massage, verbal encouragement, information, physical support, visualization techniques, homeopathy if desired and water therapy if available.

She remains with the family for one to two hours after the birth to provide breastfeeding assistance if needed and support for the immediate recovery period.

Meredith returns within a week after the birth to visit the new family, discuss the birth, answer questions, and ooh and ahh over the baby :), and she's available in the weeks and months to come by phone for questions. 

If you are considering hiring a doula for your baby's birth, feel free to contact Meredith for more information, past client references, or to set up a free consultation.

The complete doula package is $700. Due in full by the birth. A variety of payment plans are available, and trades are always considered. 


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