Photographs of your child's birth can be quite valuable, and as the years go by they become priceless to the family. Many couples that Meredith has assisted through the years have requested that she take pictures during the labor, birth, and of the new family's first moments together. Meredith's photography technique in non-invasive, just like her midwifery technique. Most of the time the parents hardly notice the camera, as they are concentrating on labor. The pictures are natural, non-posed, and true to the real events of the birth. She is able to capture the intensity, power, and transformation of the experience. These pictures can be kept totally private, or shared with close friends and relatives. Some parents are unsure as to whether or not they would want photos of their birth. Meredith reminds these couples that if they take some pictures and later decide they don't want them, they can always get rid of them, but you never have a second chance if you don't take pictures. Color photographs are fine for birth photography, but black and white film gives the pictures a certain timeless quality. Meredith can use her camera and film or yours.

Please contact her for more information and fees.

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