About Meredith Atlas L.M.
I have been involved with midwifery, homebirth, and pregnancy for the past 8-9 years. I received my midwifery training and experience through the apprenticeship method. I spent 6 years studying with different midwives and worked for three of those years in a homebirth practice. I sat for Seattle Midwifery School’s Challenge process, as well as the California licensing exam given by the North American Registry of Midwives. I hold a state license from the Medical Board of California to practice midwifery.
My philosophy is that pregnancy and childbirth are natural functions of the body, and significant spiritual, emotional, and physical life events which need to be respected. This is accomplished when the childbearing process can proceed with minimal intervention and interference. It is with this conviction that I care for my clients. I want the families that I serve to be empowered to have the birth that they want. I am deeply satisfied by my work, and feel an extreme dedication to my clients and their birth experiences.

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